19 Sep 2013

Vogue loves MCR

London Fashion Week. 

We'll never tire of hearing those three little words.
A biannual event that really, if you're reading this - a fashion blog - should already be well and truly noted within your calendar. It's the four days (rather than the suggested week) whereby everyone suffers from a case of obsessive compulsive fashion disorder. Runway shows aplenty; the world has been shown what it'll be wearing ahead of Spring/Summer 2014 and it's clean, white, minimal and... white.

But hold on, why should it be London who always get to have the fun?

There's that age old question that escapes the lips of almost every British citizen residing within a postcode north, and perhaps slightly to the west, of the capital. Don't get us wrong, we adore visits to the big city with it's Big Ben and even bigger Topshop, but we just can't justify how one place that doesn't even like gravy, can continue to host all of the major fashion events.

Vogue, it would appear, have been channeling in on a similar brainwave.

In just less than a month, the Vogue team will be swapping London's Hackney cabs for the cobbled streets of Manchester, as the city takes the role of honorable host for the Vogue Fashion Night Out; a chance for the creme dela creme of shops, galleries, restaurants and museums to show London just what us northerners are made of.
"Manchester's importance to fashion is unquestionable. Bringing Fashion's Night Out to its streets is the next logical step in the evolution of Fashion's Night Out in the UK. London has witnessed tens of thousands of shoppers joining the fun and we're looking forward to sharing this experience with a new audience."
Alexandra Shulman | Editor | Vogue

Shining the style spotlight right where it's wanted; an abundance of names have already been added to the list of participants who will be setting out to make the evening a hit, including that of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and The Avenue's Mulberry. 

We knew there was another reason to love Autumn and it wasn't just about being able to wear our big coats.

Thursday 10th October - Save the date and we'll see you up north.

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11 Sep 2013


Hours in the day. There are just never enough of them.

To us nowadays it seems to have become a lifetime ago that we were relishing in the bliss of those absurdly late nights along with their accompanying absurdly late mornings, and on a few occasions, giving a well deserved warm welcome, to the three day long weekend.
Since our minor blogging hiatus from mid-August till, well, today; believe us, a few weeks away from posting articles translates to a very, very long time; we've been fully engaged with other priorities, time-consuming yet, rather exciting to say the least.

Call us cliché but it is true to say, there is simply no rest for the wicked, that is, unless you receive an invite to the opening of a new store and the last one we attended, we thought, was worth the shout.

| Madison Candy Time watch in Creme |

It's common knowledge that Manchester's Northern Quarter is an area of the city which withholds it's reputation for surprising even the most familiar of people with hidden treasures; it's most recent contribution calls itself The Watch Stop.
A comfortable sized store sitting at the Great Ancoats end of Tib Street; their serene atmosphere and swanky interior complements the in-house brands on display, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Casio to name a few; granting us a more relaxed feel on entering, akin to that of it's neighbouring NQ retailers.

Music sounding and canapes on arrival; tempting us throughout the evening with miniature falafel burgers (Verity...) is always a greatly recieved perk of the job, as well as the limitless cocktails, but the cherry on top of these guy's generosity came in the form of a courtesy wrist watch. Minimalist girls at heart, after our introduction to the Madison made Candy Time watches, we settled on a nude or creme shade and it hasn't left our arms ever since.

Holding an extensive collection of these Manchester exclusives; we suggest you head over to The Watch Stop and have fun trying to choose yours.

| The Watch Stop | 75 Tib Street | Manchester |

16 Aug 2013

Venture beyond the realms of the common British high street and it's opulent counterpart; you'll be sure to discover a lavish offering of affordable, independent boutiques, bespoke designers and a drove of très, très talented fashion postgrads; each one as eager as the last, to dress us up and perhaps remove us, from the everyday drone of those claustrophobic shopping centres.

Well yes, alright, the high street isn't all bad, but when we unearth labels as good as MOXHAM, it's hard to draw our attention elsewhere. 

MOXHAM hales as the creative brainchild of London-based visionary, Madeleine Moxham; an accomplished accessory and jewellery designer, who turned her attention to accessory design during her Masters, subsequent to working and training alongside names such as Aquascutum and Felder Felder. 

A career path definitely well chosen; each collection accommodates pieces which are as unique and beautifully crafted as the next; always seemingly turning an otherwise plain look into something contemporary and effortless, a clear representation of the modern woman. 

| Verity's selection | MOXHAM ANIBUS [Nude] |

| Scarlett's selection | MOXHAM KRUGER |

Heavy, mechanical yet wearable constructions have been crafted to fit together well with liquid silhouettes and minimal tailoring, consistently utilising the accessory as the focus of each ensemble; the crowning point of any outfit. With transitions from day to night simple; accents of gold, white and onyx decorate divaricated shapes, a look we can only describe as industrial minimalism.
The designs utter the thoughts of the brand's outlook - 'shunning the generic in favour of the oversized', because let's face it, individuality is always to be desired. 

Already with a cult blogger and industry following; news of an A/W 13 collaboration with chic label Three Floor on the cards, means that we are expecting to see the designer hold nothing back when creating her best collection to date.

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