20 Nov 2012

blanc classique.

| Scarlett - Urban Outfitters Hat | Topshop Linen Shirt | Silk Cigarette Trousers | American Apparel Clutch | 

| Scarlett - J.W. Anderson x Topshop Cotton Shirt Dress |

| Verity - Zara Cotton Shirt | Topshop Silk Pinafore Jumpsuit | 

Nothing compares to a crisp white shirt.

A must have item for every woman's wardrobe, dressed up or down, it never fails. For a modern twist on a classic look we played up the textures and silhouettes; adding leather and silk cut off at the ankle instead of the 'play it safe' cotton black trousers. Finished off with a splash of seductive red.

Who says the white shirt has to stop at the waist? 

Scarlett: This J.W. Anderson dress is my favourite from the collection. It has a feminine feel and a high fashion edge. 

Homme ou une femme?

Verity: Scarlett and I favour an androgynous style to our everyday outfits. The shirt paired with this jumpsuit is perfect as the shape has a masculine edge whereas the silk adds softness. 

Whether vintage, high street or designer it's a timeless piece.