15 Dec 2012

queen khan.

We won't tell a lie; if you had said the name 'Dominique Khan' or 'Queen Khan' to us a little over a week ago we wouldn't have had an inkling as to what or whom you were talking about.

Now it seems we can't get her out of our minds.

Thursday, 6th December....

Whilst most of us here in the Northern Hemisphere wrapped ourselves up in yet another layer of clothing; emerging designer Dominique Khan unveiled her début S/S unisex collection from her own label Queen Khan to an intimate gathering of friends, media and bloggers alike at her home in Melbourne.

Appropriately named 'The Jungle Book' after the famous children's novel; Khan brings the essence of the jungle to stylistic life with the use of adventurous prints (exotic fruit, gorillas and most importantly bananas), bold colour tones, beautiful, hand-crafted embellishments and printed fabric, as well as intricate detailing and a use of contrastive textures such as quilting and fringing.

The quote behind the brand fits perfectly with the basis of the design - 
It’s always the weirdly dressed people who are the most interesting.”

Finding ourselves a little jealous of Australia's fashion conscious, we are eager to kiss farewell to this cold front and say hello to each individual piece from this amazing début collection.
We give our praises to Yvan Rodic aka face hunter who conveniently photographed Australian fashion blogger Jess Dempsey of What Would Karl Do in the gorgeous Gorilla print skirt from the collection (an item Verity has not stopped pining over for the last couple of days). Without his photographic genius we may not have discovered this hidden gem from down under.

Dominique's obvious talents are showcased throughout the complete collection which can be viewed here.

| Images | Meagan Harding Photography & Queen Khan Designs Facebook Page |