2 Feb 2013

clued in: CIARACLARK

"CIARACLARK is an independent British jewellery designer who specialises in making statement jewellery and accessories. Always striving to produce innovative designs by constantly exploring and pushing the possibilities of the materials & concepts to create oversized but very wearable collections. Such impetuses have resulted in each collection having a distinctive theme. Although structural shape and industrial details are often present. CIARACLARK new collection introduces new current obsessions iridescence, transparent materials, the subtle contrast of matt and shiny and a new texture with pom pom and tassels."

If you didn't know her then, you are sure to know her now. As promised, we bring you the interview we carried out with the immensely talented Ciara Clark. Exclusively to Otterly Charming; here she talks inspirations, influences and gives some words of wisdom to all those other aspiring designers.

My name is... Ciara Rose Clark.

I currently live in... London.

I call home... Manchester.

My job description is... Jewellery designer/maker. I also have a huge interest in and wanting to explore, props and installation pieces. I believe a lot of the techniques I use can be applied to other big scale projects. 

I became this by... Basically, after working in uninspiring jobs for a few years, I decided to go back to school and study. It was a toss up between 3D design and midwifery. The laser cutter that was spoken about on the 3D design course, swung it for me, it sounded so cool! Glad I went the way I did now.

My inspiration to become a designer was... I guess it has always been an option for me. Since I can remember I have enjoyed designing and making things.

The best part about my job is... So many things, I love the whole process of designing, experimenting with materials and techniques, discovering and applying new technologies, trying always to produce something fresh and innovative. Most of the designs are a result of endless exploration into my favoured materials, I am always trying to develop.

My style can be described as... My personal style is quite modern and minimal but my jewellery style is bold and maximal.

The one thing I can't live without is... I would probably struggle most without music and tea & toast!

When I'm back home I like to... Hang out at my friend Mai's house.

I'm currently listening to... A fantastic band from Manchester called 'Pins'. 

My influences are... Bjork.

If you are starting a business you should... It is so important if you are a small independent business to spend enough time marketing and promoting yourself and your work. Most creative people I know, including myself, struggle with this side of things. It doesn't matter how talented you might be, if no one knows who you are or what you do, you will really struggle to succeed. 

My advice for aspiring designers is... Keep exploring, experimenting and pushing your designs and get the most from your materials but always communicate your own personal style/pov. 

Now I'm in London I like to... Meet people, get involved with interesting projects and discover a new city. I have never lived away from Manchester and feel that it's about time.

My Favourite piece from my collection is... The triple stud pom pom earrings. 

You can buy my pieces from... Currently from the Manchester Craft and Design centre and very soon from ciaraclark.co.uk

In five years time I see myself... I'm not sure at the moment and I think that's exciting!


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| Images: Marta Julve & Ciara Clark |