6 Mar 2013

arley avenue.

| Verity - H&M Mongolian Cardigan | Calvin Klein Jersey | Topshop Fuzzy Square Print Trousers | 
Vintage Leather Gloves | Urban Outfitters Chelsea Boots |

| Scarlett - American Apparel Colour Block Oversized Button-up Shirt | Silk High Waist Pleated Pant | 
Urban Outfitters Satchel | Topshop Premium Portobello Boots |

Contrary to popular belief, it's not officially Spring until March 21st, however, being British means any bit of sunshine and it's coats off and cardigans on.

Verity - These Chelsea boots have seen better days, in fact they've seen a lot better days, but when you find a good pair it's hard to let them go; I suppose they could now be called vintage?

Recently I've been a little experimental with prints. Paying homage to Louis Vuitton SS13; these trousers create an elegant silhouette and attract just the right attention.
Oh, and the leather gloves were a nice surprise find from Cow in Manchester.

Scarlett - Sent exclusively from LA;  I've been waiting for the right moment to show off this shirt. I decided to slightly change up the colour tones that I've been wearing recently, as we're moving from winter to spring; I've gone for burgundy, navy and a dash of red. This satchel is the first piece I purchased when I initially moved to Manchester; it's simple yet compliments the whole outfit. These boots also complete the look; I love the detailing around the toe cap and the buckle & strap.