10 Mar 2013


Face Hunter?

Whom or what is a Face Hunter?

Is it, a: A person who takes pleasure in the sport of inhumanly tracking down a desired face and, once caught, mounting it above their mantelpiece. 

Probably not. 

Or is it, b: A French speaking, Swiss born photographer; who takes his natural talent for spotting the world's most fashionable and on trend and creates an online visual diary, better known as 'yvanrodic.com'

Of course we're talking about the latter of the two. 
One of the most influential street style photographers within the blogging universe; Yvan Rodic, or Face Hunter, is a name we presumed most would already know. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when Verity quite delightedly messaged a friend to say "Face Hunter has tweeted me back" to only receive the reply "Who's that?".

Well, they say you learn something new everyday. Flash back to 2006; the majority of us had probably never even heard of Facebook or Twitter, let alone the term 'blog' and yet here is Yvan Rodic; vigorously snapping away the street style looks of Paris, uploading them onto his original blog and ultimately setting the standard for street style photographers worldwide.


Since then Yvan has circled the globe countless times; calling in at Lisbon, New York, Oslo, Rio De Janeiro, Honolulu, Melbourne, Taipei, Zurich, Abu Dhabi, Cape Town & Chicago, to name a few, capturing individuals with arresting styles. Suddenly, that weekend away we spent in Paris seems, in comparison, a little inadequate.  

Whether it's off duty models at Milan Fashion Week or an unsuspecting, stylishly dressed unknown in Tokyo; we've witnessed Yvan working hard to keep his websites updated with the most striking and chic characters over the past 5 years.

This month marks the release of Rodic's second publication
 'A Year in the Life of Face Hunter'; 
an intimate diary which follows Yvan through 365 days of fashion, as well as a few more personal moments captured along the way. By our standards, a definite pick up.

Our copy came pre-ordered yesterday, naturally.

| Pre-order your copy here |

| You can follow Yvan on both yvanrodic.com & facehunter.blogspot.co.uk as well as on Twitter and Instagram |