19 Mar 2013

genuine plastic.

What's black, white and bondage all over?

Scantily clad in leather and racy corsets; Cara Delevingne releases her inner dominatrix in a raunchy photo shoot curated and shot alongside the king of couture, Karl Lagerfeld. 

Staged to promote the designer's first capsule collection with Brazilian shoe brand Melissa; the 16-page spread for the brand's in-house magazine 'Plastic Dreams' features the model looking leathered up and fierce. 

Following in the synthetic footsteps of Vivienne Westwood; Karl Lagerfeld has signed on for four seasons with the jelly shoe pioneers, a collaboration we thought was a little out of character, until we saw the final result.

Discontent with creating designer Diet Coke bottles; Karl's rubber creations will be laid bare within the magazine's ninth issue, a publication which boasts a circulation of 300,000 in Brazil alone.

It would seem that plastic is the new 'black'.