26 Mar 2013

oh là là the lake & stars X & other stories.

We all do it and those who deny it most definitely do.

Judging each other by our choice of outfit; the clothes a person, or more so a woman, wears can say more than words when it comes to first impressions. Lingerie, however, can tell you everything. It's just a pity it's not for everyone's eyes to see. 

Shopping for underwear should be a fairly private affair. 
Whether you prefer to purchase in magnitude from the high street or to treat yourself (exaggeration on the treat) from Agent Provocateur, there's something a little more intimate about it than say browsing through the rails in Mark's with your mum.
So, when we heard that trendy lingerie brand 'The Lake & Stars' are currently working on a collaboration with our favourite new store '& Other Stories', it came as a pleasant surprise. 

If you haven't heard of & Other Stories yet, then well, which rock have you been living under? As the offshoot label from the people who give us Cos and H&M; the store is literally our new go to for stylish new pieces for our wardrobes. This latest collaboration sees a clearly covetable collection of 1960's inspired undergarments. Think teasing buckles and straps contrasting against a delicate and powdery colour palette; each piece is set to promote a sense of sensuality and confidence to the wearer. 

If that doesn't tell you something about a girl then we don't know what does.