30 May 2013


| Tanya: Q |

Otterly or Charming...It would be sacrilege to have one without the other.
Nude or Au Naturale...Au Naturale.
Black & White or Monochrome...Colour.
Editorial or Commercial...Editorial.
Dolce Latte or Dolce & Gabbana...Cinnamon Dolce Latte.
Late nights or Early mornings...The early bird catches the worm but then who can resist the pleasures of the night?
Dazed or Confused...I'm always dazed.
One shot or Make it a double...Make it a double. Malibu & Lemonade.
Blondes or Brunettes...Redheads.

| Model | Tanya Borowy |
| Photographers | Cara Peeny | James Melia | Jade Gerrard | Oliver Walker | Harry Thompson | Fia Yaqub Joshua Fox | Layla Sailor |