17 Jun 2013

art etc.

Define art.

In some opinions, it's a form of communicating to an audience who are needy for visual stimulants; an expression of an individual, who in turn presents an interest for other individuals.
In others, it's simply picking up a worn out paintbrush, mixing five colours together to create an unusual shade of brown and creating a GCSE masterpiece.

Any presumptions we had on the subject were realised last week, when we attended the opening night for the Manchester Metropolitan University's School of Art degree show. 

With degree show season in full swing; the MMU night has always been a keen favourite for attendees. A chance to mingle with dynamic and imaginative minded grads and a few art connoisseurs, whilst also uncovering that thing we love the most; hidden talent. Sipping on one (or more) of the generously offered drinks too goes down quite well, but that's besides the point. 

The wealth of disciplines exhibiting is enough to catch the interest of any individual. From having your saliva tested for it's Ph balance within Interactive Arts, to observing a couple of swings motioning themselves in Sculpture, you either 'get it' or you don't, neither really matters.
There are the more distinguishable disciplines, such as painting and print, but with so much obscure creativity hanging around you'd forgive us for mistaking a fire exit as one of the exhibits.

When we got to the point where we thought Verity had had a bit too much white wine with orange; don't knock it, it's actually quite nice; we decided we'd destine into the new Art school building, housing presentations from specialists within fashion, including embroidery and textiles. If you were paying attention to Graduate Fashion Week at the start of the month, you'd be as eager as us to get a first hand look at some of the collections displayed in house, including that of Robert Mills.

The night proved to be a success not only for the exhibiting graduates but also us. We happened upon a number of innovative designers, presenting creations we found both aesthetically appealing and quite simply stylish, a selection of which we will be featuring here on Otterly Charming. With three dimensional design pieces, or jewellery, that promote individuality and prints that we can envisage at LFW; be sure to keep an eye out on any upcoming posts involving these talents.

The exhibit will continue to be on show to the public until the 19th of June, so make sure you feed your creative sides and go view it.