29 Jun 2013


In 20 minutes time, I see myself...On the settee with a cup of tea.
During a photo shoot, I am usually thinking about...Lunch.
Manchester is...My home.
Female models are...Thick skinned.
My diet consists of...Whatever happens to be in the fridge.
I currently smell of...Morrisons own brand shaving foam. Classy.
I'm listening to...Marvin Gaye.
Growing up I wanted to be...The fella that digs up the road to fix the pipes.
I love a good...Butty.
Modeling has taken me to...Singapore, India, Milan, London, Hebden Bridge, Bolton and more.
I was scouted...Walking down the street in Manchester. Debbie Burns swung her car over, handed me a card and asked me if I wanted to be a model. I said why not.
My best side is...Both.
On a typical day I...Will wake up at least once.
My number is...Mine.

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