30 Jul 2013


| Scarlett | Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses by Retrosun | 

| Verity | Vintage Persol sunglasses by Retrosun |

| Scarlett | Vintage Gianfranco Ferre sunglasses by Retrosun | Silk pyjama jacket Topshop Boutique | Turtleneck crop top American Apparel | Silk blue skirt Topshop Boutique | Studded high heel sandals Topshop |

| Verity | Vintage Paloma Picasso sunglasses by Retrosun | Silk jacket Topshop | Shirt Topshop | Skirt Queen Khan | Bracelet Moth | Vintage rings | 

| Scarlett | Vintage Nina Ricci sunglasses by Retrosun |

| Verity | Vintage Missoni sunglasses by Retrosun |

At the risk of sounding redundant; here in the UK, sunglasses are no longer a necessity when it comes to serving their initial purpose, [were they ever?], but to act as a statement piece in any style conscious's wardrobe.
 Suddenly it's become socially acceptable to don your sunny-g's come rain or shine, with people opting to wear them season after season, even, dare we suggest, indoors.

Whether you see yourself as a veteran of the 1950's cat-eye calibre, or a slave to the bug-eyed lenses from way back; there's a pair out there for everyone, it's just finding them that renders most of us vulnerable, to the ever challenging task of shopping for sunglasses.

Retrosun are a brand whose aim it is to source out and style us in the most desired vintage, designer sunglasses available; from Dior to YSL, and still in pristine condition, our eyes have never looked so good.

They're even offering you the reader an additional 30% off when you enter the code OCEXC30 at the checkout.

Treat yourself.

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